Animal Communication & Animal Reiki

Whether your animal companion is living or passed on, Catherine will communicate directly with him/her using telepathy. Your animal will share his/her thoughts and feelings and Catherine will ask any specific questions you may have. Catherine has been connected to the natural world since she was a small child. She has always had the ability to communicate telepathically with animals. In these sessions we can investigate behavioral health concerns, learn about your spiritual connection with your animal(s), learn about their life purpose and much more!

If behavior is a concern Catherine can offer advice on how to shift the issue going forward. Often, just listening to the animals perspective is enough to cause a shift in the positive direction. This is often helpful when dealing with an animals passing or potential passing and for connecting to your passed over animal(s).

As an additional service Catherine can combine the advanced Reiki energy healing techniques she has acquired to assist in healing of past emotional trauma, physical wounds, behavioral issues and vet/ boarding anxiety.

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION: Single Pet $90 or $125 for two pets


ANIMAL REIKI: Single Session $90

ANIMAL HEALING BUNDLE: (animal communication & reiki healing) $155


For more information or to schedule a SESSION please contact Catherine