Catherine Wortmann , Founder, Healer

Catherine Wortmann, Founder, Healer

Catherine’s path in life has not been conventional or easy. She grew up in Truckee California, surrounded by the majesty of the Sierra Nevada’s. The fifth of seven children in a Mormon family she and her siblings found entertainment outdoors. She retains a deep connection with the natural world. Catherine is a Yoga Alliance 200-hour Yoga Teacher, as well as a Reiki Alliance Certified practitioner, a Meditation Coach (davidji Trained), and a doTERRA wellness advocate. She has a passion for helping people “feel at home in their own body, and mind, and re-connecting them to their soul intensions”.

In education and work, Catherine has worn many hats. She pursued a degree in Business Finance at Sonoma State University. Graduating in 2009, after the financial industry crash, and with a healthy distaste for the financial climate, Catherine explored a new professional path. With the support of her husband, Catherine put her physical and mental abilities to the test as one of few woman firefighters on the Groveland Hotshot crew. Half way into her second fire season she became pregnant with her first son; and at five months pregnant the season ended and so ended her fire career. Motherhood reinvigorated Catherine’s focus on patience, compassion, and mindfulness. She began to focus more intently on Yoga, Reiki, and Meditation. At the present she works for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), manages her family farm; aptly called Namaste Farm, teaches Yoga, and enjoys being a mother and wife.