CW Reiki

Reiki means “universal life force energy” – the power of the universe that flows through every living thing. Think of Jujitsu, or Star Wars “The Force.” The purpose of Reiki is to activate and accelerate the flow of this energy. Reiki is based on ancient knowledge and was rediscovered in Japan around the turn of the century. Reiki requires no dogma or belief system. Reiki is effective for relaxation, sleep, and strengthening wellbeing; reducing pain, anxiety, and fatigue; helps manage symptoms; reduces side effects of medications; and supports recovery after injury or surgery. People generally start feeling better very quickly with Reiki. Reiki therapy often clears the mind, so that individuals can make important decisions regarding medical treatments or procedures.

Everyone is different and experiences the Reiki Energy differently. With this in mind, one might experience:

  • Heat, or warmth

  • Tingling

  • Fluid, or flushing feeling

  • Visiual scensations


 ... at the very least you will be completely relaxed, guaranteed. It may take 24 hours to notice all of the effects of one healing treatment. For those who have suffered trauma, injury, or are undergoing intense treatments, Reiki supports the body during such therapy. For those who wish to see a baseline increase in energy, joy, and abundance 4 treatments in a one week period is recommended. Healing bundles are available.


1 REIKI TREATMENT: Single Treatment $90 or Mini Treatment $45



For more information or to schedule a treatment please contact Catherine