Reiki – my first experience giving

photo by Ahmed Saffu

photo by Ahmed Saffu

This past weekend I completed my first level Reiki initiation. With it came a serge of energy, and an opening that could only be understood by those who have experienced it. It is profound.

I began practicing on my dogs first. My four-year-old son watched nearby. The next day he was watching again, this time closer. He saw me treating myself as well. When he asked, “mom, can you do that to me?” I was delighted. Not wanting my enthusiasm to diminish his want, I kept my cool. “Follow the energy”, I told myself.

He lay down on the floor, upon a blue Yoga mat, face up. I told him about what I was doing to him. I talked to him about the energy he might feel. As I moved through the positions and felt the energy flowing, my son wiggled, and talked. He felt as if he had been sparked with life. Yet, he lay there completely comfortable, and free-flowing, babbling on and on. He turned over and I did only two back position on his four-year-old body. When I stopped the flow of Reiki energy my boy looked at me and said, “more Reiki please”.

What I noticed about him after the treatment was fascinating. His play and expressions were so imaginative, and authentic. He was also full of confidence and compassion. He pleasured in helping his little brother, and even announced it as his role as a big brother, owning the responsibility. He now enjoys Reiki from mom at bedtime. I love that I can heal my kids on many levels. Reiki is a blessing.

~ Namasté,

Catherine Wortmann
CW Healing

Tim McCaffrey